Welcome to the family

Russell’s Reserve is a whiskey created by a son as a way to honor the legacy of his father. It’s a family affair, and the family just happens to consist of two hall-of-fame Master Distillers, Eddie and Jimmy Russell.

Our whiskeys

From small batches to single barrels, our award winning bourbon and rye whiskeys are the best-of-the-best Kentucky has to offer.

Discover our whiskeys

Tasting Whiskey

How you drink your whiskey is up to you, but if you’d like to learn a thing or two about proper techniques for nosing and sipping bourbon and rye, we’ve got you covered.

Learn How to Taste Whiskey

Russell’s Cocktails

In our family, classic whiskey cocktails are always on the menu. See what we like to make with our bourbons and ryes when our guests arrive.

Our Whiskey Cocktails

Our Process

Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell have brought more than 100 years of combined industry experience to Russell’s Reserve whiskeys. Their shared passion for the art of whiskey-making is what drove them to share this family heirloom with the world.

See Our Process

Our Story

Every family has traditions. For the Russells, enduring craftsmanship and commitment to quality bourbon is in their roots.

Read Our Story
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